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Selling ideas isn't easy.

And every meeting and deliverable is an opportunity to demonstrate the care that goes into servicing your client's business, and the value you place on it. When it comes to your PowerPoint decks, Keynote presentations, even your weekly and monthly reports, it's difficult to overstate the importance of clean, visual storytelling and digestible information design.

Yet businesses routinely undervalue the quality of their decks and presentations.

That's where I come in.

I'm Scott Latyn, and I make decks people dig.

I’ve got a knack for storytelling, a professional obsession with the simple, visual communication of ideas, and I love making convincing, inarguable points. As you can imagine, I love to push presentations until they make people do, speak, and think differently. It’s basically hypnosis.

Latyn Design is a one-man shop that helps businesses large and small with across-the-board presentation needs, be it a guiding voice in the pitch room, a compelling deck built from scratch, a premium agency template for the long haul, or anything in between.

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But what exactly do you do?

All sorts of things.

Pitch + Investor Presentations

Take full advantage of your next new business opportunity. Whether acting as a consultant, designer, or both, I can help you and your pitch team leave a serious first impression with prospective clients.

Template Designs

Building well is as important as designing well. Small business or global brand, I’ll set you up with a lean, mean template that’ll be easy on the eyes, and even easier on the employees who have to work with it.

Updates + Cleanups

Sometimes you just need to freshen things up. Report or proposal, a few slides or a few dozen, have them spruced up before they hit the client’s desktop. An extra bit of polish can go a long way.


Looking to improve your day-to-day deliverables, but don't need a designer on staff? I’ll take your people through the basic principles of visual communication and presentation design, while tailoring the specifics to the needs of your business.

With experience in full-service pharmaceutical and commercial advertising, managed markets, device and diagnostics, collegiate and not-for-profit, there's a solid chance your needs fall on the spectrum. Still not sure I fit your bill?

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A striking presentation
captures attention
when you're "in the room".
A great report template
makes them feel the love
when you can't be there.

Some of my work.

No need to just take my word for all of it.

Where's the rest?
Unfortunately, clients can get a little twitchy when you post things like "trade secrets" and "proprietary data" on the internet. Please contact me regarding additional samples and demos.
In the meantime, feel free to browse some of the non-presentation work keeping me busy.
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Brand Redesign
Brand Redesign
WOM Matters
Conference Newsletter
Logo Design


And the lovely things they have to say

Scott was everything I was looking for in a Presentation Design Consultant: patient and willing to listen and interpret team requests from a diverse group, while also capable enough to offer his own suggestions and find ways to apply content design to tell a story with slides — and all under tight deadline pressures. He was easy to work with remotely and in the office; and proved well versed in both PowerPoint and Keynote, quickly producing templates, icons, and other designs that exceeded our expectations.
Dan Djuplin, VP, Strategic Development
Evoke Health
If you want a presentation partner who is SO much more than just "a pair of hands", Scott is your guy. His design skills are impeccable. And his ability to understand, interpret, and build up the substance of a presentation make him an invaluable asset. He is solutions-oriented and the tech world is his playground. Any pitch, any corporate meeting, any communication challenge — Scott can handle it. Plus he's a nice guy and plays a mean game of ping-pong.
Annie Eleosida, VP, Associate Creative Director
McCann Echo Torre Lazur
Turnkey was fortunate to collaborate with Scott as we were preparing a report for a high profile client. Knowledgeable, consultative, flexible and precise; Scott helped us shape results from more than 100k surveys respondents into a concise, actionable report.
Patrick Kuhlen, VP, Creative and Strategic Services
Turnkey sports and entertainment
Scott has played a major role on our new business pitch team as our deck designer. He is extremely talented in taking complex, text-heavy slides and distilling them into digestible, easily-presented concepts. Before Scott, our presentations were flat and lacked vision; Scott has helped us tell more compelling and pitch winning, visual stories that I am proud to present. He stays with a project until everyone is satisfied and works quickly, a true find!
Elle McComsey, Director, Digital Strategy
Ferrara & Company

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