I'm Scott Latyn

How's it going?

I'm a consultant, designer, and trainer helping individuals and organizations to upgrade their presentations and pitches so they can communicate with impact and win business. I'm based in the Philadelphia area (okay, South Jersey), but there's this Internet thing now so I work with clients ... everywhere.

"I'll do it,

but I'm not becoming the PowerPoint guy."

At many agencies, getting good at PowerPoint is still something to be avoided, a way to get stuck slapping coats of design paint on report decks rather than winning marketing awards and going on baller photoshoots. It's boring background work.

At some point I realized this was nonsense.

Presentations, slides, and decks were and continue to be the primary communication medium for selling ideas and communicating value.

Once I started actively studying presentation design theory and asking for the work I realized I had a knack for this sort of storytelling. I rapidly developed a fixation on the simple, visual communication of ideas and the unique opportunity of presentations and presenters to change minds in real time.

Being the PowerPoint Guy was never all that bad, but it turned out I loved being the Presentation Guy. It turned out that guy brought a ton of value to the table for his agency and clients.

For eight years now I've been a hired gun: a niche specialist distinguished by the background knowledge and process experience of a senior-level agency AD. I consult, design, and train others to bring long-term value to their businesses and agencies.

In 2019, I started guest lecturing each semester with the Rutgers MBS Capstone Program on presentation design and execution, instructing an international group of aspiring entrepreneurs on how to better sell their ideas and innovations to potential investors. Now I'm part-time faculty. Professor Latyn, if you will.

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All the best.


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