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A presentation is your best opportunity to tell your story, demonstrate your expertise, change minds, and spark action. If you know your stuff, but you're still not getting the reaction or response you're looking for, it might be time to invest in professional presentation design and training.

I can help with that.

Needs and Services

Not all of 'em, but just for starters:

You've got new business to pitch and win

Now is not the time to skimp on consultation and design, it's the time to invest in an engaging, concise, visual narrative and presentation

Your client deliverable could use a touch-up

Daily, weekly, or less frequently, the design of your client communications can demonstrate the same time and attention as the information itself

Your template and branding need a refresh

Building well is as important as designing well and I can make your materials both easy on the eyes and on the employees who use them

You're a featured speaker at a conference or other event

You obviously know your stuff, but I can make sure it's communicated memorably with slides that keep the crowd's attention

You're ready to get better at this yourself

Trainings on visual communication, presentation design, and program best practices can be tailored to the needs of your business — and delivered both in-person or virtually.

Why work with me?

I'm not just a PowerPoint expert

I was an end-to-end agency creative before I was a consulting specialist. I know what it takes to be in the pitch room, to work and communicate with everyone from your global CEO to your project management team. I get the need to balance beauty with efficiency. I know the considerations and I see the problems coming before they become major issues.

These folks (and others) will vouch for me:

"Scott was everything I was looking for in a Presentation Design Consultant: patient and willing to listen and interpret team requests from a diverse group, while also capable enough to offer his own suggestions and find ways to apply content design to tell a story with slides — and all under tight deadline pressures. He was easy to work with remotely and in the office ... quickly producing templates, icons, and other designs that exceeded our expectations."

Dan Djuplin
Director, Strategic Development
Evoke Health

"Turnkey was fortunate to collaborate with Scott as we were preparing a report for a high profile client. Knowledgeable, consultative, flexible and precise; Scott helped us shape results from more than 100k surveys respondents into a concise, actionable report."

Patrick Kuhlen
VP, Creative + Strategic Services
Turnkey Sports and Entertainment

"Scott has played a major role on our new business pitch team as our deck designer. He is extremely talented in taking complex, text-heavy slides and distilling them into digestible, easily-presented concepts. Before Scott, our presentations were flat and lacked vision; Scott has helped us tell more compelling and pitch winning, visual stories that I am proud to present. He stays with a project until everyone is satisfied and works quickly, a true find!"

Elle McComsey
SVP, Group Director, Digital Strategy

"Presentation designers like Scott are few and far between. As a business development lead, I support and work with my company's most senior level executives. Scott is the design partner I bring in the room with me to work closely with the executive team to create and develop pitch presentations. I trust Scott to be in these situations because he can handle the most seasoned executives, interpret complex ideas, and simplify the content in the most beautiful way. It isn't only his design style that makes him a valued asset, but his dedication to get the job done within such short turnaround times, his willingness to travel to different locations with our teams, and his flexibility are invaluable.  

Needless to say, I would highly recommend Scott for any presentation need you may have."

Brooke Stakias
Group VP, Business Development

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