Tracking Study EOY Report

SSRS / Luker on Trends

Refreshing results for a decades-long tracking study

SSRS approached me to revamp the look and feel of their annual report breaking down results of the Luker on Trends Sports Poll, the first and longest-running tracking study focusing on sports in the United States.

Heavy on charts and dashboard-style data and incorporating newly proposed branding, it was critical to emphasize the bright, expansive color scheme without overwhelming readers’ attempts to parse and connect the data with associated messaging.

The Highlights
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Making data visualization easy on the reader

by enhancing color coordination and legibility, deconstructing the chart legend, and moving the components to align with the data points

Custom breaker slides

rethink the order, impact, and readability of otherwise dry text block information, improving the flow of ideas and creating a shorter-width, easier-to-read paragraph

All of those line graphs can be combined into one

freeing up space, clearing clutter, and making a stronger visual story of not just trends, but comparisons over time

Space is at a premium when designing around dashboards

and we need to choose the best chart(s) for the job while still creating a comfortable, spacious reading experience for the viewer

The Whole Thing
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